My work "Screw" was featured on the cover and in the February issue of Canon Photo Circle.
This is a work that I have taken every time I went to Bangladesh since about 2013, visiting a ship screw factory every day and photographing the workers there.
The magazine featured my work in a special section titled "The World of Monochrome", in which I talked about the appeal of monochrome and the meaning of using monochrome in my work.
I would like to thank the editorial staff for their careful compilation.
By the way, this work "Screw" will soon be published in a large format photo book, and I am currently working on the editing and design with the bookbinder Tamon Yahagi.
The novelist, Shinji Ishii, also contributed a novel to this work, which will also be included in the book.
I will do my best to finish it as soon as possible so that I can deliver it to you.

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