Kunitomi Town in Miyazaki Prefecture, Kyushu.
My grandmother, who is 86 years old, and my cousin Daiki, who is 23 years old, were living together in this small, peaceful rural town with rice fields.
were living together.
Daiki has lived in the same house and room with my grandmother since he was a child, and has been raised with great care.
Whenever I went to visit my grandmother's house, Daiki was always by her side.
My grandmother always talked about Daiki.
One day, Daiki said to me
"I'll take care of her until grandma die.
As he said, he never left my grandmother even after he grew up to be a young man, and they continued to live together.
For Daiki, his grandmother was his place to be.
For grandmother, Daiki must have been a treasure that came to her in the last days of her life.
The two of them have lived their lives supporting and caring for each other while needing each other.
There was a certain trust and affection, and time flowed gently between them.
As a family and as a photographer, I have continued to depict the small daily lives of these two people.
This story was supposed to come to an end with the death of my grandmother in the not too distant future.
But one day, it came suddenly and without warning.
Daiki closed his life on his own.
It was as if a lush young leaf had gone through several seasons before falling and fulfilling its life.
This work is a love story of a small family, born in a small country town, nurturing a small life, living a small everyday life.

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